The Meaning of Haste is NOW RECRUITING!
We are looking for
Group Content Leaders
Deed Completionists
PVP Group Leaders & Players
Skirmish/3,6 & 12 Man Leaders

We were founded in May 2007 and are a "mature" kinship that prides itself on experiencing all the content LOTRO has to offer in a semi-structured and fun loving environment.

We are on the lookout for good players and good people to add to our Hastie Family. We are interested in finding some solid raiders, some pvp-ers and someone to do all of Maie's crafting...well, not really that last part;) If you have a small kinship who is looking to merge with one of Arkenstone's longest running kinships, this might be the place you're looking for, give a Hastie a holler! Or if you are looking to experience content but have been playing solo or relying on the fabulous GLFF to join groups you may want to give The Meaning of Haste a try. We want to fortify our ranks with some of the excellent players of Arkenstone.

We believe that The Meaning of Haste is THE most well rounded kinship on Arkenstone! We have many casual members who concentrating on crafting, socializing, & exploring Middle earth in addition to a solid group of raiders who have a great desire to conquer all the content Turbine can throw at us and also a few Creeps & Freeps fighting the fight in the Ettenmoors to satiate their thirst for blood

If you are interested in joining with The Meaning of Haste please send a Hastie an ingame tell or mail or Forum mail on

The Kinship rules you may want to be aware of right off the bat: 18 and over please, be prepared to treat others with courtesy and respect, be ready to kick some @&% Hastie style at the drop of a hat! 

We look forward to hearing from you and keep up the good fight!

Also, Tacocat is a palindrome.